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Who cares for opinions anyway? Think about it. Do.

Does anyone care for your views or my views? Especially if they are dipped in failure and ooze negativity? And yet, day in and day out I see perfectly normal people (at least to the naked eye) putting up their opinion on things-politics, mostly. The question I ask is why? What’s the compulsion? Why do you want to be heard above everyone else? what is this strange madness to be noticed? To be rated. To question someone else when you have neither the guts nor the gumption to go out and do things. As if what you have to say matters to anyone. Like, if you don’t say it, the world will crumble. As if yours is the only voice that counts.

I can understand someone advertising a product, displaying a testimonial, broadcasting a review. That’s ok. It’s all about letting people know what’s there and what isn’t. It is important to make an informed choice. ‘My party succeeded in doing this’. ‘The politician I support achieved that milestone.’ Nice to know. Really. But when people say stuff about others just to bring them down and rubbish their work, it has no real indicative value except for using your mouth as a leaky sewerage pipe to thrust forth highly overrated self-worth. It irks the soul and jars the mind and one decides to say what one does to the famous cartoon, Foghorn Leghorn.


Social media is full of these guys. Trolls, some call them. I call them tiny. As in tiny brain. Fragile ego. Really small pecker . A busted self-worth that’s trying to take off on broken wings using some poor fool as an unintended crutch. Some of these guys are what I used to consider as friends until I realized that they are nobody’s friend. They’re trying to live through personal, professional and all sorts of other failures, keeping afloat on a over-sensitive ego only by rubbishing others. They  turn on gullible friends and foes like hungry vultures at a corpse fest trying to act the wise guy about just anything that happens anywhere in the world.

I realise that I must sympathize with their plight. I realise that in the least I must show them some level of pity. I see that I am failing in my duty as a human being if I don’t understand their gnawing angst about their own lack of a brain. But then, there are a lot of people in this world who deal with their issues on their own and get along just fine. Those people have got something that Tiny hasn’t got. They have one thing to say to Tiny that he hears above his own din because it’s the truth.

‘Get a life’.


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