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Retirement-What it means to me!

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

You know, when I first thought of the day I would retire, it was some abstract thing. Like death. One day, it’s going to happen. One day. Some day. Not today, not tomorrow, not the day after. Not anytime soon. I didn’t know what to think of it, though I did think about it.

Now, I’ve started to think ABOUT it. You know. What all does it mean? What are the implications? Am I going to sit down on the front porch, possibly in a rocking chair, legs up on the wooden rails, a glass of lemonade at my side and with a book in my hand? Or Am I going to sit with a bunch of guys reminiscing about days gone by? Or both? Am I going to bore the hell out of my poor wife? Or be a jumpy old man who resents the fact that no one really wants to work with him?


Well, I have worked my way from start ups to the big fours. I am an author (an accomplishment that I really think is above all else). What am I going to do with my skills after retirement.

And then it dawned on me. I liked the thought. Actually, a revelation, like the one you get when sitting under a banyan tree and you then go around telling everyone about it and hope someone has the bent of mind to listen.

Except it came to me when I was pondering at my home office desk. The desk is made of wood. Don’t know which tree it came from.


Retirement is when I get a bunch of money from cashing out my statutory savings. Period. It’s a good thing but to me it means nothing else. Everything else is the way it is. I am going to do the two things that mean the world to me. Regulatory Compliance services and writing thrillers. One doesn’t feed off the other. In fact, the both of them keep me vibrant, energetic and when I get tired of one, the other rejuvenates me.

So, now I know what retirement means. Rejuvenation. A new beginning to do the things I wanted to do without the shackles of worrying about the future, about sales and numbers and getting kicked out. It isn’t about the rat race anymore. Yay!

Live in the present. In the moment. All the time. Now why would anyone have any form of trepidation about that, I ask ya…


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