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Image by Hasan Almasi

The introduction to V-SAB into the Song of the Trinity (SOTT) universe is through a se-ries of recollections, or flashbacks. Not much is known about this planet except that it was full of lush meadows, rolling hills and a peaceful, almost meditative terrestrial populace called the Sabbites


The flashbacks are of Kris, Son of Krishnayani, one of our unlikely heroes in the SOTT universe. We learn that the planet in entirety was destroyed by a God made of metal and fire to destroy one person, Kris. We know that he lost his family and friends when his world was destroyed. But why? What’s so important about Kris that he had to be killed? What did he possess that made a renegade Storm God destroy his entire planet?


The Sabbites were extremely tall people, almost tipping above 9 feet. Lithe of body, they used suggestive movements with their hands when they spoke to express them- selves. Their life was spent in peace and harmony, meditating, playing and training in martial arts. They were good singers and dancers and though not heavy eaters, liked their food tasty.


Kris himself is only just about seven feet, short by Sabbite standards. While they had sharp facial features, he is sort of blunt with flat eyes and a short nose. That’s because he is an Half-Breed. His father is a Yaksha whom he had never met. It is only towards the end of book 1 of Song of the Trinity that he learns his father’s identity.


Image by Alistair Hand

The martial arts that Kris uses is almost a dance form. Speed, precision and timing are the important ingredients. His favourite weapon is called the ‘Sun-spear’, a Deva weapon that shoots sulphur rounds that explode. The weapon can also be used with
deadly results in close combat. But, like all Sabbites, Kris abhors violence and instinc- tively tries to avoid it.

The Sabbites have multi-coloured skin, striped like a tiger, except that their colours are yellow and blue. Their skin has bio-luminescence which allow the yellow stripes to glow bright when a Sabbite is afraid or anxious and turn a deep maroon and darkest blue when they are battle-ready or just plain angry, which is rare. After the destruction of V-SAB, which stands for Vishnu Sabbayat, Kris is only one of the handful of survivors who escape the planet, one of the others being his girlfriend, whom we haven’t yet met either in ‘Shatru’ or in book one of SOTT. I am sure he will introduce us to her be- fore the story is over.


Kris’s mother, Krishnayani was a warrior-sage. Reared by a single parent and trained to be spiritual and combative, Kris loved his mother with all his heart. He often has nightmares of her lying on a bloodstained meadow, as his uncles and cousins dragged him away from the Metal God that she had fought. Dicehu, the fallen Storm-God, was standing over her, his broadsword in hand while she lay dying from the gaping wound in her stomach. But, Kris recalled, she had a small smile to her lips, knowing he had escaped the God.


The Sabbites where worshippers of the Alpha God, Vishnu, in his turtle form, depicting the strength to bear the weight of responsibilities and losses. He is disillusioned in the
God because Kris considers that Vishnu failed to protect V-SAB from mindless annihila- tion.


V-SAB doesn’t exist anymore, except in Kris’s mind, filling the young man with uncon- solable grief. He is now an apprentice of a new form of Demi-God. The only one of his kind, half Deva and half Asura.


Shatru, known as the New-Born because he is yet
untested and no one really knows the extent of his powers, loves the young Sabbite like his own and will do anything to protect him. Kris lives on Earth, in human disguise,
with Shatru. But is the New-Born enough to protect the Sabbite from the wrath of a nemesis that can destroy just by looking? Because, Kris is a target of the Kali, the king of Kaliyug, who orchestrated the destruction of V-SAB just to kill him.


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