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Space Supernova

Around fifteen thousand years ago, there was a Great War fought between the army of Kailash and a creature known as Trigund the Anomaly. The war, which traversed across several galaxies, came to an end on a planet called Venuprabhand.

Venuprabhand-on the Brink.

It was a technologically advanced world inhibited by a race called the Prabhandi. Tall and lithe of build, the Prabhandi were an innovative and highly evolved species.


The vast planet of Venuprabhand was a four nation world ruled by a council of leaders from a place termed as the Great Circular Hall of Meditation. The hall existed on many levels in the planet, on terrain and subterranean. In that hall, the Prabhandi questioned why they could not appear and disappear at will like the Gods did. And found the answer through technology. Maybe that was their undoing, the beginning of their downfall.


They built portals that could teleport them to various predetermined parts of the planet, be it the icy Vind mountain range or the deepest depths of their undersea harnessing stations in Nagamalika or the sweet cane fields spread out between river deltas from the west to the south of the planet.


Their guileless nature allowed the Prabhandi to accept Trigund the Anomaly as a Goddess who would bless and protect them. She in turn had plans for their great portals, plans that included the very destruction of the universe.


Space Supernova

By the time they realized their folly, the primary god, Kanda, the commander of the army of Kailash, had already unleashed the Vel Wars to destroy Trigund. to protect her great destructive machine, the creature led Kanda away from it to many other planets in various galaxies across the cosmos. In the end, war returned to Venuprabhand when Trigund decided to use her world engine to destroy the fourteen worlds of Power that stabilise the universe. The planet became nothing more than a devastated waste land and in it lay only the husk of Trigund, impotent, rendered powerless by the Vel of Kanda, his spear..


Thus ended the Vel Wars.


It took thousands of years for the planet to recuperate.


The only chronicle of this war and the prediction of the subsequent rise of Trigund is in the Spear Prophecies, considered by many to be the false prophecies, perhaps because Avvayar the first, a devotee of Kanda, claimed Kanda personally dictated the prophecies to her in the form of verses.


The fact that she was over a hundred years did not help her claim that they were real. Though no one said it openly, there were rumours that she could have hallucinated the whole thing. Also, because the lady belonged to BHU, or Earth, as it is known now, and earthlings have no knowledge of Venuprabhand or the Vel Wars they tended not to take the prophecies seriously.


Present day.


An evil as powerful as the Trinity, the Kali, king of Kaliyug, has woken Trigund the Anomaly. His sole aim..destruction of the universe as we know it for only then can the Kali escape his impregnable prison and rebuild the universe in his image.


Venuprabhand just got kick started to life. But, only until Trigund succeeds in destroying life as we know it. With Kanda turned to stone, who is there to stop her?


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