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The Song So Strange

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

I watch. Is all I do.

The six Vyahritis of the Aditya and the six Pathaal of the Daitya

My story is not just of these worlds but all of it.

All of it!

The song is strange but it’s notes are strong

But, for how long? How long!

The locks of the song, are they strong? Do they rattle?

Even the Primordials as also the Guardians, are they corrupt?

Tis a tale of this, our last age,

Of all things decaying, all things…dulling…

Will be upon you. Upon us! You should know it…

About this strange song, and its terrible occupant

and his rending…

I watch. Is not all I do

I lied. I did!

I chronicled the Song’s tale with me pen

dipped in battlefield red, upon flayed skin

of martyred misfits!


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