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Fear is the Key

The FCPA is a law with extra-terrestrial reach. Which means that though it is an American law (brought into being in 1977 as a reaction to the Watergate scam), it applies to bribing a ‘foreign official’.

The UK bribery Act  is a draconian law. It applies to UK but relates to bribing government officials through out the world.

The Prevention of Corruption law in India has been amended in 2018. The most significant change is to construe that not only a bribe taker but also a bribe giver is  considered as having a committed a crime.

Every country is increasing the vigil against corruption and bribery. Yet the magnitude of frauds, corruption, bribery and lawlessness is always on the rise. Is law failing? Do the corruptors and the corrupted have no fear of law?

If there is no fear of law, what will they fear?

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