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Ten Years-Two Days-Part 2

This is the concluding part of my article, Ten Years-Two Days. While the first part was about how I turned to writing and got my first book published, this part is about the journey thereafter. Which I think is as important. Because boarding the train is only the beginning. The destination doesn’t matter. this way or that. It is the journey that counts.

It was a choppy start. I was a new author. None of the methods that I adopted to promote my book worked. Or worked as well as I would have thought. Honestly.

The online messaging was lost in transit. the offline messaging was lost. Period. I had started with publishing the prequel to my magnum opus. Which, I think isn’t the wisest thing to do when its your debut book. Not unless you have oodles of cash and way more influence than I had at that point. I was jumping gun. From the last to the first step. I fell. It wasn’t a disaster. But it was a thin line. It hurt. I had bitten more than I could chew and was left choking.

Still, here is a feedback I got from a reader last year about Shatru.

“An amazing book, world building is at par with the biggest western fantasy books, Waiting for the next part.” This was in 2019, four years after Shatru, my first book, came into the world. It filled my world with joy!

“Awesome and superb story telling. Gives goosebumps” this was in 2020. There have been many reviews in between. Not as many as I would have liked. But still, I am glad for what I have been given.

Even the cover image I added here is a fan made poster of the book!

To move on, my second book, which was actually multi-genre including political, thriller, horror, etc was well received. I was able to turn it around thanks to my literary agent, Suhail Mathur.

My third book is being made into a movie. A Bollywood movie. The jewel in the crown, the icing on the cake, etc, thus far.

And now, within two days of circulating the manuscript for my fourth book, my publisher has picked it up. Thus, looking back at my journey which started with writing my first book when I was twelve, completing it years later to now when I am a sale-able author, I am truly humbled and thrilled. It took ten years from the time I completed the manuscript to eventually publish Shatru. It took two days from the date of completion of manuscript to sign the contract for my fourth book. (Announcement will be made shortly).

The journey might appear ordinary to others, but to me, this has been the most fulfilling, most exhilarating and one of the happiest journeys of my life.

Finally, as a writer, I came across many disappointments and pains. I faced rejections or snooty silence from publishers. I realize they were essential for my growth as a writer. they were more than essential. They were integral. And I stand here thanking all those rejections and failures for what they made out of me.

And the journey goes on…



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