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A Song For Every Traveller

Inspired by a tear-stained Cheek!

The one way to go is forward and onward,

Uphill, downhill and into the meadows,

The sure way to go is to see, is to feel,

A good time to resume, to reach out, to heal.

If there ain’t no one to lean on, to cry to, to reach out,

No shelter to duck under on a stormy night

Believe there will come a moment, an  adjustment

Which will turn the world upright, forthwith, at once.

For your part, you trudge on, you march on, you walk on,

Your path will turn velvety, your cheeks unstained by tears

Then will you remember, understand, recall,

This song for you sung from deep within,

This song of dawn, song of hope and of glory,

Sung by a sentinel you invoked in your sleep.


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