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Its ok.

I am alright.

It’ just that after he died, I am empty.

He was the leader. The guardian. I loved him more than anything.

Walking these streets, I scrounge for food and shelter.

I used to sleep in my own bed at home. In an air conditioned room. In just a few days I am reduced to this squalor.

He died one sunny day. Just like that. Didn’t say goodbye.

They were arguing about me. Sympathetic glances. Loving murmurs. I smiled expectantly.

In the end they decided they couldn’t bear my burden.

I had played with them.

I cared for them.

Now, when it is their turn, they have no place for me.

The tea stall man smiles at me. He knows me from the old days.

“Kicked you out, huh?” he asked.

I stared at him, half waiting to be shooed away, half hoping he wouldn’t.

He smiles some more.

“Come here you old bandicoot. Have a samosa.

I wag my tail.

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