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16 August 2023 at 6:30:00 pm

'The Song of Trinity: Rise of Kali'- Good vs Evil

The Song of Trinity: Rise of Kali' written by Vadhan is an epic fantasy novel that takes the readers into the intriguing world of fantasy founded on Indian mythology. Authored by bestselling author, Vadhan, the book promises thrill-a-minute until the end. It is a perfect blend of thought-provoking fantasy, mythology, and science fiction, with almost perfect character development and genuinely magnificent world-building.

A special mention is required for world-building. Vadhan has raised the bar by building not just one but two worlds in the first installment of the book. The ‘Underfabric’ is dark and dreary, while ‘Venuprabhaband’ is heart-rending as a dying world. Both worlds create that sense of impending doom. The terrestrials of Venuprabhand and their peculiarities make for a fascinating read.

Mythology attracts especially when it is combined with science fiction. In Song of the Trinity, ancient Indian mythology co-exists with science fiction. Maybe the conjoining is befitting because Indian mythology is also considered by many as an ancient science. The magic in the book dovetails so wonderfully into science fiction because mythology paves the way for it.

the Kali, lord of Kali-yug, wants the universe at any cost. Stuck in an impregnable prison, he plans his escape and the ultimate destruction of the Parabrahman.

Against this backdrop, and a villain who can kill just by looking at you some extraordinary characters come into play. The cursed and brooding warrior from a different time fighting his demons. The one-of-a-kind Demi-God with powers new and untested, facing his angst and enemies alike, the rap-singing and ill-tempered sage with a mysterious past, the extraterrestrial orphan whose whole world is destroyed just to kill him. This motley crew must fend off evil while the gods are sorting out their infighting. Edge-of-the-seat action, cut-to-the-chase and exciting writing style, a unique, wide-canvas storyline that involves elements of fantasy and science fiction, not to mention humor that lightens the read, all of it makes this novel a must-read for fans of mythology, fantasy, and science fiction.

Book: Song of The Trinity: The Rise of Kali

Author: Vadhan

Publisher: Prabhat Prakashan

Price: INR 308

Pages: 324

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