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28 September 2023 at 6:30:00 am

Celebrating Authors and an insight into their Journey

September is celebrated as Reading Month and here are 8 Authors and an insight into their Journey as celebrated authors.

1.The Heir Apparent by Mr Devi Raghuvansh

Author Mr Devi Raghuvanshi has published 20 books ranging from romance to adventure to Indian mythology including 3 best sellers and now he feels if he didn’t write, he would be missing something in life. He also enjoys the company of bestselling poets and authors. His books have dealt with various human emotions and tend to revolve around the trials and tribulations of his woman protagonists.

Mr Devi Raghuvanshi is a graduate Engineer from National Institute of Technology, Bhopal. He has a virtuous academic and professional background of over 40 years in Government, Private and multinational companies. He has been Chief Engineer of 5-star hotels, General Manager for a multinational contracting company and finally as Head of MEP (Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing) division of the biggest real estate developer of India, K Raheja Corp. In this industry, he is considered as the last word in air conditioning and Refrigeration. He has, to his credit, a marked contribution in creating Mind Spaces in Airoli, Mumbai, Inorbit and Shoppers stop, Hyderabad, and Bangalore, Renaissance, Taj Bandra, Centaur Hotels.

2. A WALK IN MY SHOES by Ritesh Karnani

Author Ritesh Karnani’s maiden novel 'A WALK IN MY SHOES' is all about the engineering life love story filled with twists and turns.The book is all about Discovering the story of friendship, love, romance, betrayal and destiny by walking in shoes of Rounak. The story is filled with many mixed emotions like ROMANCE, HAPPINESS, ECSTASY along with heartache, disappointments…..Numerous questions, numerous answers. But one constant, LOVE.

Ritesh Karnani is a first-time author, born in Assam and brought up in Bikaner, Rajasthan. By profession Ritesh is an engineer, indulged in his family business and his maiden novel 'A WALK IN MY SHOES' is all about the engineering life love story filled with twists and turns.

3.You Cannot be Soooo right by Anuradha prasad

Author Anuradha Prasad has come up with her fourth book ‘You cannot be soooo right.’Anuradha Prasad is an artist, speaker and an author. She has worked with and published thousands of articles with top newspapers and magazines. She has a PhD degree in English literature from Mumbai University and was on the cover of Times Westside Plus and several notable publications. Two Winters and 365 days , Coming Back Home, Raindrops and Caterpillars were her previous books. She often deals with internal struggle and self discovery in her books. While the Statesman , News Today and The Pioneer listed her books as outstanding, the newspapers like – News Now, Asian Age, Asian Chronicle, Deccan Herald, Deccan Chronicle describe her as a writer of metaphoric expressions. Dainik Jagran, Sandhya Sakal, Panjab Kesari, Story Zen view her books as deeply expressive and stirringly imaginative. Blogging , reading, observing nature, travelling, listening to music, active parenting, watching Bollywood movies are her passions.

4.MYLA: Resurrection by Arjun Rao

Arjun Rao, an entrepreneur in the sports and entertainment industry, recently released his second novel in The Myla Series, the story of a strong, motivated, army-trained covert operative who takes it upon herself to right the wrongs in Indian society. Following her opening battle against the Indian underworld in Kerala and Tamil Nadu in his first novel titled, “MYLA: INSURRECTION”, the second book details Agent Myla’s continued battle against the underworld in a new mission of horrors. Set in Mumbai, the story is about Myla’s realisation that the underworld is everywhere, at every level of society, raping and pillaging Indian society at will. MYLA: Resurrection is a stark look at crimes against women, the horrors of prostitution and the underworld’s role in the evils of Indian society.

5. Song of the Trinity: The rise of Kali,' by Sai Chandravadhan Bommadevara

Sai Chandravadhan Bommadevara, writing under the pen name Vadhan, is an author who skillfully weaves the rich tapestry of stories, based on Indian mysteries, poignances, and wonders. He intends to unravel the ancient culture of India across all its regions, one book at a time.Vadhan is leaving an indelible mark on the literary world with his five published books. His debut work, 'Shatru,' is a riveting thriller inspired by the ancient Puranas, Upanishads, and Vedas. Following this success, he delved into the depths of the Yajurveda and dovetailed it into quantum physics and law for his second book, 'Agniputr'.

In 'Fear of God,' Vadhan masterfully explores the themes of corruption and vigilantism, offering readers a thought-provoking and action-packed narrative. His fourth book, 'The Vimana Transcripts,' has garnered widespread acclaim, as it combines the allure of ancient Indian temples with a gripping thriller plot. Recently, Vadhan launched his latest fantasy thriller, 'Song of the Trinity: The rise of Kali,' inviting readers to embark on an epic adventure, filled with mythical elements and profound storytelling about the end of Kaliyug and the supreme villain, Kali, Lord of Kaliyug.

6. Spiti to Scotland by Bhupender Gupta.

Join him in reawakening the unquenchable desire to explore this ever-changing world, with its rich tapestry of wonders unfolding even as you read every word written by author Bhupender Gupta. The author's fourth masterwork - to be released soon - chronicles his astounding trip to the white continent – of ‘Antarctica’. His debut book, 'Travelogue Across Hemispheres,' captivated readers worldwide garnering outstanding ratings, a testimony to the unwavering credibility the author has acquired. His second and third works, 'Traverse Canada' and 'Spiti to Scotland,' further solidify his standing, attracting readers with their engaging narrations.With a firm dedication to ensure that every reader reads and lives via the author's experiences, he continues to travel the world, collecting scattered gems of our glorious planet to share with you.

A flair for business, a degree in technology, and a flurry of professional responsibilities prompted him to postpone his passion for travel. But, by coincidence, a fascinating new chapter has begun and is pleasantly unfolding. On exhilarating travels, armed with a pen and a camera, he has grown to firmly believe that the student within should never stop growing, irrespective of age. His new commitment takes him to exotic places, and his intricately composed photographs display unique descriptions of the flora and fauna of those places. The immense wealth of nature has turned into a rich and easily accessible source of inspiration.

7.The Panther’s Ghosts by Ajit Menon

Author Ajit Menon’s spy series, ‘The Panther’s Ghosts’ takes the spy verse genre to another level.Author Ajit Menon’s book, ‘The Panther’s Ghost - The Beginning’ Published by Bloomsbury, is now a best seller in the Indian Spy genre. Rated as the ‘Top -15 must-read books’ for 2023, the book is inspired by real-life incidences of Indian covert operatives who proactively execute false flag missions in enemy states following India’s new Defensive Offence doctrine. The book is dedicated to the unsung heroes of India who live and die for the nation but never get recognized or heard of. This racy spy thriller takes you on a roller coaster ride through different countries, unveiling one mystery after another in an easy-to-understand narration. The book is a dramatized & fictionalized version of what happens in the real spy world. Ajit says, “The fictionalization ensures that our unsung heroes get a larger-than-life status which they truly deserve.”Ajit Menon, who dropped his cushy corporate job to follow his passion for writing has been rated in the ‘Top 12 inspiring writers of 2023’. Ajit classifies his books under the ‘Real Reel’ category as the stories he writes are inspired by ‘real’ life incidents and the narration is like watching a ‘film reel’.

8.Love is War, War is Love by Alfred Quinsay

Alfred Quinsay is an eminent author, a Certified Management Consultant, CPA, and MBA. With his efficient grip in the corporate world, he wrote more than 5 books consisting of real-world business scenarios which are very attention-grabbing. His latest book, Love is War, War is Love serves a fresh perspective on romance, politics, and business.Alfred Quinsay found his knack for writing novels when he was in his early twenties. He completed his first book after about a year but decided not to get it published because of fear of embarrassment from peers. Being young and inexperienced, he also lacked the resources and connections that time so he thought it best to pursue other practical endeavors. In 2012, he contemplated going back into writing contemporary novels which depicts real-world experiences. Despite his regular job which took so much of his time, he was able to complete his first official novel, The Essence in 2014. From then on, he never looked back and returned to writing books with more passion and resilience.

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