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14 July 2023 at 12:00:00 am

10 Must Read Author And Books Of 2023

Sai Chandravadhan Bommadevara, writing under the pen name Vadhan, is an author who skillfully weaves the rich tapestry of stories, based on Indian mysteries, poignances, and wonders.Vadhan is leaving an indelible mark on the literary world with his five published books.  Recently, Vadhan launched his latest fantasy thriller, 'Song of the Trinity: The rise of Kali,' inviting readers to embark on an epic adventure, filled with mythical elements and profound storytelling.
His ability to using image building tools to ‘show rather than tell’ his story to readers is more than evident in Song of the Trinity. The book has, less than two months from release, already garnered rave reviews from influencers, literary magazines and national newspapers.

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Author Of Best Selling Fantasy Books

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