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20 July 2023 at 6:30:00 pm

This is a mythological fantasy thriller based in the present day...


This is a mythological fantasy thriller based in the present day. The book is full with mythical creatures, Gods and Demons and a supreme evil. So it's a perfect book for the lovers of these genres.

The prologue of the book starts with the introduction of The Kali; Lord of Kaliyug, another name Kroni the Other, a Maharishi. Who believes that removing hope will decrease the chaos in universe. And it's a scene of the end of Kaliyug.When Kali fled away from the trinity.

Then in the next chapter we see a scene from Kurukshetra, and get to see the curse put on Ashwatthama by Krishna and this starts a cycle of the incidents in kaliyuga.

Then in the next chapter we meet the trio , Kris, Sunanda, the Asurin General and Ajathashatru, his master and our protagonists. They're in the mission to clear all the followers that are helping Kali to break free from his prison so that he can't destroy this Kaliyuga like the previous one. And then our main captivating tale starts.

From the very beginning there's so many things going on that you will probably think what's the connection between all these. We meet so many characters and so many past stories that for a moment it'll be all overwhelming. But after sometime it'll be a smooth ride.

What I like most about the book is how the author make the mythological characters in Gen Z version. Like we have a Rap Sage. And all the characters will feel like a modern day characters. And its never feel like too much or absurd. For that we have to praise the author's writing and storytelling style.

The story is also fast paced and captivating and intriguing you wouldn't know when you'll fly through it all. And the way the book ends I'm ready to read book two right now.

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