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Mili Das

Mili Das

31 July 2023 at 6:30:00 pm

There are some books that made you breathless, and you need to stop to absorb the book.

Mili Das

There are some books that made you breathless, and you need to stop to absorb the book, need a break to breathe to take rest because of the power of the book became agitated and a whirlwind of excitement made you fricking, it is that kind of book.

In a bold and crispy way, author started telling us a captivating story that unfurled a very interesting blending of fantasy, mythology, and science fiction.

When the Mahabharata ended, Pandavas and Krishna left Ashwatthama with his unfathomable emotions, strange and staggered to his feet and went to search for devilish revenge. Kaliyug entered and started putting its claws into the heart of humanity.
In the age of deceit and treachery, his vassals are exploiting every flaw and weakness to break their liege out of captivity.

The worlds are destroyed, villains resurrected, and mortals and Gods are annihilated, all of it just so Kali can rule over the universe. When he breaks loose, nothing can stop the end of days.

The Gods are struggling to stop their infighting and to build an alliance to face the ancient peril. A handful of Bravehearts including a cursed warrior, a one-of-a-kind Demi-God, a raging sage, and an extraterrestrial orphan are all that stand between the unspeakable evil and the existence of the universe.

Hopelessly outnumbered, can they stop a nemesis that can kill them by merely glaring at them?

The best thing I loved about the book is his magnificent writing style, he has a grip on words. Very elegant and poetic eloquence skillfully waved the theme of the book.

It's a very well-crafted blending of fantasy and mythology that knitted around Ashwatthama's character and narrative carried out the wisdom and story in an interesting way. With gradually explored characters and well-executed sequences, this book is very engaging and constantly provoked readers to stick with the book. I liked how author portrayed the complexity of Ashwatthama's character and the diversity of other characters he explored so well articulated.

I am astounded by the elegant narrative that goes for a fast-paced, atmospheric gripping story. I recommend this book to those who love reading mythology and sci-fi thriller books and movies because it's an extremely powerful atmospheric narrative.

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