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10 July 2023 at 6:30:00 pm

The novel "Song of the Trinity" is amazing to read. The story's relentless pace...


"Song of the Trinity: The rise of Kali" by Vadhan is a mythological based fantasy novel. Kali , The Lord of Kaliyug, languishing in an impregnable prison, is devising a terrible revenge.The Gods are struggling to stop their infighting and to build an alliance to face the ancient period.
The story have been knitted with proper mythical background; finally, the compelling storyline, strong characterisation, perspicuous coherence between the deeds and the doers, gripping narration and lucid language have made the book a genuinely fascinating rather fascinatingly genuine read.
I feel that the title and book cover is intriguing enough for anyone to enchant the author's creativity. A mythological world that couldn't be made better than this. The pace of the book was super exciting. Thoroughly I enjoyed the read and would recommend this to every curious reader out there.
I don't want to rate it as only a mythological fiction. The author has fetched the myths in reality and made it a fantastic read for the readers of this generation.

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