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To live. To breathe. To actually dare…

This means a lot to me. A review. It ratifies everything I dreamed about for my book. My book is a dream. My dream. And here is someone who believes in it enough to live in it and lives it so much because he loves it and loves it so much that he takes the time out, his valuable, precious time, to write about it. I am obliged. I am indebted. I am humbled.

Truly, what else can I as an author, as a dream merchant, as this lone guy typing away into the night, ask for? Nothing really. When someone says they read my book in five hours flat through two airplane rides, or when they say they don’t want to write about the book but about the author, I begin to live. I begin to breathe. I actually dare to smile, to laugh, to cry…

Thank you!


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