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Time and Tide!

Shatru starts with the sentence, ‘By its nature, the universe gravitates towards chaos.’

I may be proved completely wrong but chaos sets in because of time. Everything has only limited lifespan. Even the universe. Thus, within the time it has for itself, it has to grow, just like Nara Hari, like us. I guess that’s why we are in a tearing hurry to educate ourselves, find jobs, find suitable partners and earn money so we can put our kids through college, buy a home and expensive cars. Time is running out.

At the end of it all, we look at the stars and wonder what we did in our limited time. Did we take time to travel, experience, wonder, listen to music, watch movies, play our favourite sport, eat the food we like, to do that one thing we always wanted to do.

Believe me, the disappointment we would feel then is not ours. It is the Parama Atman, or the Universe or the Great Equation or God (pick a name) asking us why we did not do what we wanted to because by not doing it, we have deprived the Parama Atman of the experience. Because we did not look at that blade of grass well enough, it could not see itself. That’s not fair is it? That’s the responsibility we have to everything around us…..For more info please visit here….SHATRU Kronikles Book-1


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