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Sex Story

Sex. A wonderful word. It instigates a quickening of breath, a restlessness, an anticipation unlike any other in the world. Its not like buying your dream car or your dream house, its not like getting a promotion at work or getting an award. Those are great moments but the anticipation of a sexual encounter is a million times multiplied. Especially if it is a secretive liaison. The more you think of sex, the more you feel alive. Honestly, excitement is what everyone wants in life. A little excitement, a flirty look by a beautiful girl sets your heart souring. A smile, a perfume, all these make you want for that something more than the mundane. That friend who’s a lover, the sweet stolen kiss. These things don’t happen to everyone. For those to whom it happens, it is only with devastating long term effects on relationships. Yet, the majority of us yearn for it. We want it. We don’t have the guts to go for it or the heart to hurt our loved ones. And thus we like to read about it. The hero of the book becomes our alter ego, sometimes even the villain. (Depending on who’s having most fun!) The human mind always wants out from a mundane existence. Going the mercenary way works for a few, the rest go for a thai massage. Well, its the rule of the majority that always matters. Game of Thrones for instance as all the slutty ingredients of a depraved social order. Look at how successful the epic is. Imagine one woman wedding and bedding five men. Mahabharat is an epic. Imagine a man abducting another man’s wife. Ramayan is an epic. Sex. It makes the world go around. Yet, we wear the garb of righteousness and speak of tenets of virtue and sin. The Mahabharat and the Ramayan surely see the righteous rise out of the debris of sin. Changing social demands do question the concept of righteousness and therefore you have Ramayan being written from Sita’s point of view and Mahabharat from Draupadi’s. But I am sure that both the off shoots hinge on the sexual context. Amazing that even the ten commandments speak of what not to do. It is an advice about exception rather than the rule. We are not animals, they are not as depraved as some humans though they may be as noble as others. We are something more sometimes, and something less at other times. What we are unable to do is come to terms with what we are. We refuse to see the man in the mirror unless we see him in ‘good’ light. even the worst villain is a ‘good’ man in the mirror. That is our way. That is what self-awareness did to us. From subtle suggestions, our sexual content in books has become so explicit that for instance, in fantasy fiction, we have a sub-genre called ‘Adult fantasy’! You must read one of those books. Boy, it’ll set your heart raising. A story, at the end of the day, is something that you, as a reader, are part of without the emotional entanglement, physical hurt and mental strain that the characters go through. A story is what you would like your life to feel like. Us story tellers must understand that before we write stories for you. Thus, sex is a very important part of story telling. Hey, the world would not be what it is today if not for sex. Let’s celebrate it!


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