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I am humbled. By far the best testimonial of my work. I am greatly obliged.

Reviews –

by Vadhan


 4.60  ·   Rating Details  ·  291 Ratings  ·  220Reviews

It’s the end of our days.  Our reality will be shattered.  The foundations of the universe are set to be destroyed. 

A demon is unleashed from the underbelly of nature- To take a father from a son,  Kill a mother protecting her child,  Destroy a world to kill one boy,  Make a lover betray her man.

Even the Gods are powerless. 

Vengeance will rise,  Worlds will fall,  Evil will ascend…  …Shatru will oppose it. 

If he does not, the one person who means the world to him will die..


Yesterday I started reading this series. Only the the first part is out in the stores now, the rest will come soon (as told by the author)

Nishtha — This story is great…I am on the sixth chapter and I just…

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