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Questions, or are they?

Nine years through the Kronikles journey has led me to a barrage of questions I jotted down. A few of them might make you think I’ve tipped over the edge. Who knows, you may be right! Here they are, see if they make sense to you! When I see a blade of grass, is it really me seeing it or is the blade seeing itself through me? Isn’t it true that I am made of atoms? Is it not also true that when scientists study the human body, they are in effect studying atoms? Does it not go to prove that atoms are studying atoms? What if I am a tool for the universe to experience itself? What if that is the sole purpose of my life? Are humans unique because in this whole wide world, they are the only ones reduced to penning their thoughts? Are beings that need not talk to each other but can still co-exist not superior to me because they do not have to pen anything down? Is my dog my master then because all he has to do is look at me and I am willing to feed him, give him a place to sleep right next to me and love him so dearly that his loss is unbearable? Why should man be the top of the ‘food chain’? Is it because of his capability to create or merely because he chooses to randomly destroy for no productive reason? Is ‘I’ the root cause of all strife? Is that why we have countries and laws? When I see a deity with ten hands and fifteen heads, does it mean the hands and the heads are symbolic of all creatures on Earth? Is that why the Viswaroop of a God has a sampling head of creatures on this planet attached to his body? Why can’t it be that I am God, you are God and all of us are nothing more than an accessory, a limb, a part of the greater being called Para Brahman or the Universe or God? If so, is praying (a means of seeking something from the almighty) redundant ? Is the answer that simple? Is realization what we are looking for from the day we are born to the day we die? Do we even have the knowledge to realise the secrets of creation? If not, how do we seek knowledge? From writings of man and his belief systems or from observation of the miracle(s) of life around us? These are only few of the thoughts that rang in me while I was writing Kronikles. The book does not have the answers, what’s more even the questions aren’t there! But the journey was so interesting that I could not help myself but ask these questions and cannot do anything else except share them with you, my staunch reader.

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