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Journey to Shatru Kroniklers Book 1

I started to write from when I was 12. Others, braver souls, went ahead and published their works. They became authors because they knew what they wanted to be. I used to hide my work in one of the drawers of my steel study desk that once belonged to my father. Somehow, I don’t know why but I thought people would not approve of my writing. I also used to draw and paint. However, I found words are the most profound channel for expressing myself. I started with poems, love poems, philosophy and then poetry was somehow not enough. It had to be something more!

Why do I write? It is unadulterated and exhilarating bliss. Do I have the stuff I need to write when I start? Damn, no! The urgency doesn’t allow me the time to get prepared. Passion! The Idea is all that matters. The flow is all that’s there! I know point A and sometimes point Z. The rest I leave to the story.

Do I have to work on the manuscript once I am done writing? Yes I do, a lot. Only thing is, the energy is never spent. It’s a mountain spring. A nectar of youth. A burst of colours.

I believe that no matter what one does to keep the home hearth warm, if one doesn’t discover the passion within and grow it, life is not lived. Our history as a species proves in many ways, some good and some bad, that we are not here to exist. We are here to take life to the next level. Do it with passion!

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