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John Grisham meets Dan Brown meets Stephen King

Authors often have the habit of catching up on what’s going on around them. They need to know. Its an author thing to do. I am no different. I browse a lot of stuff online and offline to figure out the changing landscape of the literary market.

The day before yesterday, I was browsing the popular e-literary journal, Muse India. I do that quite often. The e-magazine has some pretty good articles. It is a no-frills platform that brings out not only the big authors but also the young and talented writers, poets and artists. It has a variety of information that I have found useful for a few years now.

Low and behold, in the review section there was a review of my own book, Agniputr: When Agni First Spoke. Since most literary reviews are rather cynical and condescending, I read on with trepidation. It’s opening paragraph had the following to say:

“Another, and far more contemporary development has been the hybridizing of the two genres into one subcultural phenomenon, whereupon mythic backgrounds often intertwine with fantasy tropes to produce innovative results. This hybrid genre is in its nascent stage in India, with a handful of preeminent authors making their more than significant presence felt over the past decade. Among such names is one of the present authors, Vadhan, with his second novel, Agniputr.”

The final paragraph of the review had this to say:

“Although it is fairly difficult to summarise such works of fiction, the most apt consideration for this intricately plotted novel would be its grounding as a site where a potential John Grisham meets Dan Brown meets Stephen King.”

Here is a link to the full extract of the review.

Needless to say, I am on cloud nine!

See you around!


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