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Jack Reacher, Never Go Back-Why I agree with title of the Movie

I saw the first Jack Reacher movie, One Shot, in which a part of Jack Reacher came to life. From the knees down. No one knows what happened to the rest of him. I walked out of the movie hall thinking I did something wrong. Something sacrilegious. Something insulting to the memory of Jack Reacher and Lee Child. Then they announced a second Jack Reacher movie with the same guy playing the evergreen hero.

I swallowed. I blanched. I wriggled. I puckered my face. I puked too. Then, like all good Indians I accepted it. I even took the effort to go see the movie. And promptly went to sleep.

Tom Cruise has a problem in life. He needs medical attention. In this old age, he think’s he’s six feet four inches. Someone must tell him he is not. He is four feet six inches…or thereabouts. He thinks he is intelligent and gritty, he’s not. He looks absurd trying to tell people twice his size and 1/3rd his age how he’s going to break them up. Importantly, I think he’s got something against Lee Child that he’s covering up with oodles of royalty.

My verdict: Are you kidding me?


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