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Hello after a while

So many things have happened in the last few months. A time of great uncertainty has come to an end. It’s true what they say about a door closing just to let another open for you. There’s only one condition to it.

I must keep my bowl of knowledge empty, or at least as empty as possible. I must not let the knowledge already acquired bog me down so I cannot absorb the change. Because, change is the only constant. Not all changes bring about good tidings but by its very nature, change will bring about new perspectives whereas stagnation will only destroy. That’s its nature.

Thus it was that I understood people I aligned with were not what I needed but what I deserved at that point. I was looking for a shortcut, I guess. Shortcuts don’t work. Ever. Those very people and their ill treatment of my trust and intellect instigated me towards the change that I so desperately needed.

Necessity is the mother of invention. They necessitated the change that I needed. These people. They pushed me towards it. I thank them because in their conceit and haughtiness, they actually did me a good turn. If they had shown me even the smallest kindness, I would still be stagnating today.

Six months later, looking back at those days of agony when everything I worked for had slipped from my hands into the hands of incompetents who ultimately destroyed it, I am glad I met them. These people. They proved incapable of handling my legacy. Hence, the knowledge and inflow they grabbed from me in what they thought was a clever deal became illusory as it had to. It disappeared like dew in a desert.

I am in a new city now among peers who respect me for what I am and place their trust in me. I know. This too will pass. I am hoping that this time it will be for the better.

I am hoping.

Change is constant.

I am away from loved ones. I get to see them only for weekends and sometimes not for months on end. The price of lethargy? Or were my stars pissing on me? Or both, perhaps? Can’t say.

But now, I am able to provide for those I love. I see the smiles on their faces and that’s enough. When we meet, to me its a festival. My heart sours. When I miss them, well, the love springs forth. Shining. Knowing that distance doesn’t mean a thing.

And in all this, three of my writing projects are underway. I am glad for it. Here I am, leaning on the rails of the french windows of my apartment, watching the vehicles whizzing past me, the cool sea breeze caressing my brow, a cup of hot tea in one hand, a cigarette, unlit, in the other day. The smile on my lips is small, just a hint. It reflects the peace inside.




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