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Fantasy Is an Escape from the Rut of Life

In a world moving fast… (Sounds like a trailer, huh?) we are constantly on the run to at least try to meet with the pace of day-to-day life. We are so engrossed in our mundane routine that 24 hours is not enough to finish our daily chores. Tired, listless, bitter, these words don’t even begin to explain what we feel like. That’s when the word ‘enough’ actually sounds good.

A door closes, shutting out the ‘fast moving world’. Another one opens-bright, well oiled, easing us into a world we all love to be in.A world where we are the heroes, where we save the day, consistently. The trailer is over and life starts in the fantasy world. The pages flip. Timeless, countless, ensconcing us in mayhem and order, riches and valor. Seriously though, imagining an alternate world is normal for most of us. From when we are kids, we learn to build our own world, imagine things including fantastical adventures, great relationships, fantabulous careers and grand riches. Sometimes we even work to make it come true.

Psychologists believe that a little bit of “Fantasy” is a healthy and productive way to self-manage hardship, disappointment, depression, and lack of opportunity. Scientifically, a magnified sense of optimism helps most people cope with the daily drudgeand achieve more than they would if they had a realistic expectation of what the future holds.

Being in the shoes of a larger than life adventurer or fighting foes ten times more powerful and beating the living daylights out of them is fun. Yeah, it can’t be done in real life, so what? That’s why fantasy fiction is so damn popular. We want to live big, dream big, party hard and earn tons of money. Larger than life has a certain charm to it. Fantasy fiction allows a guy or a gal to live through that larger than life dream. Who knows, maybe it will help you become that hero everyone loves.


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