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A letter from a Reader.

When people I don’t know write specifically to me about how much they love my work, I think its a different level of nirvana altogether. It’s heart warming, humbling and elating at the same time. A kick like no other. I am moved to tears.

I call my readers my Parabrahman, The Almighty. The reason for the writer in me to exist. The absolutely most important person for my books and to me as a writer. Here’s a letter from one of my readers.

Hi Vadhan,

Just posted my brief opinion on your book. This was really wonderful and I am happy that I was introduced to such a talented writer through this book. Many thanks for giving me a chance to read it….and I wish you more success !

In my humble opinion, your work needs more promotion and penetration among the interested readers. Keep writing !

and yes … I am eager enough to buy your first book…. Shatru 🙂



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