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29 August 2022 at 12:00:00 am

The Vimana Transcripts by Vadhan | Book Review

One of the oldest reasons for telling stories is to entertain an audience or make sense of a mystery through following logic and studying events from an objective viewpoint. And with the era of digital reading, India has seen a lot of new talented writers who write in the genres that blends elements from history, mythology, science fiction and adventures. Here at Thinkerviews platforms, we have shared quite a few works like that and here are a couple of links to explore such reviews:
The Vault of Vishnu by Ashwin Sanghi
Invincika by Varun Sayal
Recently, we came across author Vadhan’s latest book called The Vimana Transcripts. As the book was free to read as part of Kindle Unlimited, we took the opportunity to enjoy it as we have previously explored the Shatru Kronicles series by the author and also connected with him through an interview.
Shatru Kronikles Series – Book 1
We also got a chance have an interaction with Vadhan, here is quick link to the author interview with him.

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