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6 February 2023 at 12:00:00 am

Book Review — Fear of God

The brutal murder of a Member of Parliament has shocked the nation. The reason for the murder appears bizarre.
As videos of the slaughter of several corrupt politicians go viral on social media, those who considered themselves untouchable are scurrying for cover.

The vigilante’s next target is a war hero and top constitutional lawyer who took three bullets for the country.
Why then is he a target?
Jagan Jigyasi and his Special Crimes Division of the CBI have to race against time to stop the killings.
The legendary lawman has never failed to solve a crime.
The war hero is as brilliant in a courtroom as he is fearless in facing a speeding bullet.
The vigilante is as devious as he is effective in instilling the fear of God into those who think they are above the law!
Who will be the last man standing?

About the author:

Bommadevara Sai Chandravadhan writes under the Pen Name, Vadhan, a moniker coined by his folks at home.
Vadhan is a prolific reader. He turned to writing a few years ago. His first published book is Shatru, a prequel to his yet unpublished fantasy Series.

His second book, Agniputr: When Agni First Spoke, took the reading community by a storm. Hailed as one of the best multi-genre thrillers by leading national newspapers, literary platforms, critics and top-end bloggers.

Vadhan is a lawyer by qualification and manages regulatory risk practice in a very large multinational consulting firm.
Hailing from Eluru in Andhra Pradesh, born and brought up in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, living in Delhi for more than twelve years and currently in Mumbai. He has travelled extensively across the world in his professional capacity having worked for clients in Europe, Middle-East, Africa, North America, Asia Pacific and South East Asia.
His writing encapsulates the essence of his travels and understanding of different cultures.

Follow him on —
Twitter: @authorvadhan
Instagram: @authorvadhan
Write to him —

My take on the book:
High profile politicians are killed and videos of brutally torturing them before their inimitable death are released under the pseudonym FearOfGod on Social Media. No clues left, no witness, some even kidnapped between high security. The voice in the videos explains the crimes and corruption committed by these politicians and justifies murdering them. 

The Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI) is quickly brought aboard to investigate and stop the crimes before more dead bodies surface. Common citizens, media are divided for and against the vigilante who is scaring all corrupt politicians and bureaucrats to fall in line, while the law enforcing departments are concerned about situation going out of control. However, the entire investigation takes a 360 degree turn when an ex-army man and now a successful lawyer Abhimanyu Rao is named by FearOfGod as the next target. Will the smart heads at the CBI be able to find why Mr Rao is being targeted by the vigilante and will they be able to find the culprit forms the rest of the story.

Vigilantism and people who resort to violence in the name of terminating morally wrong individuals is a topic that will forever lead to unending discussions. This is one topic which was relevant few decades ago and might still be important even after a hundred years. This story starts as any other suspense thriller with politicians executed ruthlessly but very smartly by a person who wants to make corrupt people change for fear of death. It picks pace once the CBI team is formed and investigation is conducted like any other crime, with a twist, that this case is very complicated, and the investigating agency struggles to makes progress. The narrative turns very gripping once Abhimanyu Rao comes onto the CBI’s radar.
What ensues is not any ordinary cat and mouse chase between the investigators and the culprit as the author builds the story in a very intelligent way. The mind games FearOfGod plays with the CBI are truly engrossing; while there are subtle clues left by the author, the reader is left guessing at each twist in the story.

 With each revelation, the reader is as much forced to read further to know what lies ahead, as the urge to go back and see how it all fell into place. The suspense is not let down even once and the author does not waste time glorifying or demeaning any of the players involved.

The ending also hints at a probable sequel which I am very excited to watch out for. The language, vocabulary and pace of the story are all worth applauding. An absolute page turner, I absolutely loved reading this suspense thriller and would highly recommend for all book lovers who love some high adrenaline rush.

My rating:

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