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24 May 2023 at 12:00:00 am

Celebrating Authors who are Changemakers

Celebrating authors who are change makers is about cheering those unstoppable authors whose writing act as a catalyst for ...
Celebrating authors who are change makers is about cheering those unstoppable authors whose writing act as a catalyst for positive change and impact on society. Here are six authors who are inspiring the change.

Manoj Kumar Sharma, Author, Me No Pause Me Play

Author Manoj Kumar Sharma is a Corporate Professional turned Best Selling Author, self-styled and winner of multiple prestigious awards. Fiction is the essence of Manoj’s creativity. Manoj has a natural test for Fiction Stories, exploring innovative unorthodox solutions for any lingering problem. The author has written two fiction novels which are MIRRRO @ The Weird Wayward which is a Social Fiction and Me No Pause Me Play which is a  Women Fiction dealing with  Women Empowerment. The novels definitely carries potential to be a significant change maker in our society!Author is coming up with his third novel expected to be published by 2023 end.

Kapil Pathare Author Maiden Innings

Kapil Pathare is a successful entrepreneur turned author who has recently launched his third book titled "Maiden Innings." While he has made a name for himself in the corporate world, Kapil  has a deep passion for cricket and has translated this passion into writing. In the book "Maiden Innings," Mr Kapil turns his attention to women's cricket, an area that has been gaining increasing attention in recent years. The book explores the rise of women's cricket, both in terms of its history and its current state, and provides insights into the challenges and triumphs of women cricketers. Through their stories, he hopes to inspire the next generation of young girls across the country to pursue their passion for sports and represent our nation with pride and determination.

Sai Chandravadhan  Bommadevara, Author, Agniputr

Author Sai Chandravadhan  Bommadevara writes under the pen name of Vadhan. He writes his stories based on the mythological ancestry and richness of India. He writes two separate genres of books. While one genre deals with thrillers based on mythology, the other are thrillers based on societal issues. To cite an example, Vadhan’s Fear of God is based on corruption and vigilantism and draws alternate scenarios of how, if unchecked, corruption can lead to street justice. It deals with the concept that Indians should understand and respect obedience to the law and that no one is above the law. His book, Agniputr, is an 82000 word novel based on one stanza of the Yajurveda and its connections to quantum science. His Vimana Transcripts explores ancient Indian temple architecture and their secrets reigning in several messages such as the logic behind the Dasa Avatar and the true meaning of the various parts of the Shivalinga. It deals with the mysteries of the Kailasa temple in Ellora amongst other ancient temples ranging back several thousand years. Vadhan’s endeavour is to bring to light the reasoning and logic behind an ancient culture to his target audience who are in the age range of 18 to 30 as also bring out the societal weaknesses and their impact while at the same time entertaining his readers.

Vishesh Dubey, Author, The Last 'Sutta'

Author Vishesh Dubey’s style of writing is simple, connects with the mass and almost every person hailing from a middle class background will be able to relate with his book - The Last ‘Sutta' Hope, not giving up against circumstances and chasing dreams at all costs form the core of his stories.The Last 'Sutta' is about one such middle class guy who faces rejection from his rich girlfriend. He buys a pack of 20 cigarettes and sets a goal for himself, to smoke a cigarette everytime he takes a step closer to his goal of destroying this rich kid's ego. The story's main lead 'Abhay' is an Anti Hero character, someone you cannot hate. The Last 'Sutta' gives the middle class youth a different perspective to chasing your dreams and goals. It motivates you to challenge your circumstances instead of accepting them. The book touches on so many aspects of human emotions, letting you decide between the wrong and the right, that you end up being part of the story yourself. One of the best fiction novels to read, had recently also featured in Amazon Bestsellers list.

Ashwini Rudra, Author, Delhi via Lucknow ( Once, love travelled this route)

Ashwini Rudra's debut book is a compelling and absorbing novel. It demonstrates a range of great narrative strengths. The plot is very well crafted. Read it if you want the action moves quickly. Ashwini's writing keeps the reader engaged and absorbed in what is happening, and events drive themselves very logically and coherently. In this sense, there's a close link between plot and character, which is another of the important strengths the novel Delhi via Lucknow demonstrates. The characters are well-rounded and imagined, and each stands out firmly as a plausible and convincing individual. It is the plausibility of the individual motivations that helps make the development of the plot so compelling: the events of the plot develop organically out of these characters' own identities, ensuring that the narrative is believable and coherent.An awe-inspiring aspect of the work is the detail of the representation of even the secondary characters. Ashwini creates a wide cast of sympathetic and engaging personalities, all contributing to the plot and standing out very vividly in the reader's imagination. Ashwin manages to do this while maintaining the excellent tempo and tautness of the narrative that the reader identifies earlier.


Author Raja Jain, hails from Kolkata and he developed the inspiration of writing from his school days. The author states that how due to various family responsibilities and growing business  he could not really devote his time to writing.It’s only during the Covid Lockdown days he started writing. His latest release ‘AAINA JAZBATO KA’ is a collection of  shayari and Ghazals. The book is all about the experience one encounters while in a romantic relationship. The book leaves its readers with a feeling that the author has managed to bring in their hearts. The book gives a message of being careful and avoiding unnecessary confrontations while in a relationships. One can find the book on Amazon and in all the leading book stores across India.

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