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Isha Aggarwal:

More often than not, the writing and the overall narration is mundane and adds nothing to the already existing literature. However, Vadhan’s ‘Shatru’ is not another run-of-the-mill story; fast-paced thriller with elements of suspense, it makes for an entertaining read.

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Great story. The language of book is so nice that I could actually picture all the events in my mind. Loved it.


I have always been a follower of hindu mythology books. The shiva triology by amish tripathi was my favourite by far but now i have new found respect for vadhan. The book is not only about the fantasy or the mythology but it has shown its insets into the real world as well. The most i like about the book is the language and also the description of the events. I wish all the luck to vadhan for his next book and i will be waiting for other parts to be out.

Geeta Nair

Engrossing! Has the reader completely hooked till the end. A perfect blend of fantasy and reality and that’s been possible by adding a shade of human traits to the characters that are a part of the book. It is very easy for the reader to relate to the maze of emotions that the protagonist Shatru and his mentee Kris go through, their love for the parent who has always been by their side, their bitterness for one who has left them when young, their sense of duty, etc.

Set in modern day Gurgaon near Delhi the book is a virtual tour through the mystical world of Gods, Asuras, Demigods and Half-breeds. The story unfolds with the murder of a Half Breed Kausalya. Who is behind the murder and why? Shatru the protagonist himself a Half-breed undertakes the task of finding the culprit/s little knowing that he himself would become a target of the ones for whom he works as well as that which is out to stop an important merger one that can bring lasting peace between the Devas and Asuras.

One comes across valor, chivalry, deceit and vengeance in right proportions in the book. The play with words makes it easy for the reader to visualize the scenes, be it that of Shatru talking to the trees that constitute the Green Earth or the fight with the Disparate. There are a number of twists and turns all of which add to making the story truly enjoyable.

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Sandeep Sharma

When we talk about fantasy fictions, the most common images that comes up in our mind are of Harry Potter, LOTR etc. but very rarely, some Indian fictional authors’ characters appear in front of us. In this kind of atmosphere it’s pretty difficult to take up a risk of writing in the fantasy genre, so for that I would like to congratulate the author, Vadhan for taking up a story which is purely based on fantasy.


In the words of Nimue,

“I liked all the characters of the book and the fact that i could relate to the tribes describes since these are inspired from hindu mythology.”

Book description

It’s the end of our days.
Our reality will be shattered.
The foundations of the universe are set to be destroyed.

A demon is unleashed from the underbelly of nature-To take a father from a son, kill a mother protecting her child, destroy a world to kill one boy, make a lover betray her man.

Even the Gods are powerless.

Vengeance will rise,
Worlds will fall,
Evil will ascend…
…Shatru will oppose it.
If he does not, his masters will kill the one person who means the world to him.



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