Letter to the Staunch Reader

Dear Para-Brahman,

Whoever you are, wherever you may be, you are my reason to write. It gives me immense joy that you took the time to live in my dream. I am obliged. You are my writer’s conscience, the custodian of my offerings, the God of my prayers. Thank you for reading my book.

To an author, a book is as dear as his children. It is the moment of greatest joy to a parent when his child is appreciated. It is a moment of truth when the faults in the child are pointed out. No one is perfect. I know I am not. Take it from me. All I want to say is, I tried as hard as I could and being human, I am learning. Being a dullard, I am taking my time!

This website is not about me, well, not ALL about me. It’s ALL about you, though! There is information here about the friends I’ve lived with these past few years. Shatru, Kris, Rajaram, Figasur, Lajdev, Shamlack, Janus, Mrihir and a few friends that you haven’t yet met. They’ll enter appearance as we go along. Oh, I have friends everywhere, even the no-gooders like The Disparate, the Raakshas, the Wraiths and a few other wicked characters who’ll join the party in a while.

It’s been a while now since I know these characters, so much so that I won’t be surprised if one of these guys actually knocks on my door just to find out if I am around if I don’t write often enough about them. (Jeez, talk about delusional!)

See you around in the website, staunch reader. Write to me if you can. Nothing will give me greater pleasure than reading your views and responding to them.
write to Vadhan at authorvadhan@gmail.com