Bommadevara Sai Chandravadhan, ‘Vadhan’, to the staunch reader, loves writing. It is and will remain his biggest passion. He writes novels, sometimes with poems in them and can sketch reasonably well. His first published book is Shatru, Kronikles Book-1.

He started writing his first novel when he was 12. Incidentally it was fantasy fiction. Vadhan enjoys reading everything from management books, creative thinking books, fiction, fantasy, biographies, comedy and thrillers. He loves reading and aspires to write the kind of books he likes to read.

Vadhan loves cricket, tennis, shuttle badminton, table tennis…and golf. He is proficient with four of the games. There is a golf course he recently visited which is now officially a crater! They had to call in the fire service to pull him out. They’re still searching for the golf ball.
He is a movie buff. He loves fantasy, comedy, action, thriller and adventure movies. He maybe prefers one of those funny love stories once in a while.

Transactional law practice, advising Indian MNCs on compliance frameworks for their business in India and ten other countries in North America, China, Asia Pacific and Europe takes up a chunk of Vadhan’s time.

His company, Sand Legal Services Private Limited, is ranked amongst the top 20 compliance service providers in India and is recipient of two international awards.

Vadhan lives in New Gurgaon. His wife is a candle maker and painter while his daughter is studying abroad. His son is doing law from a premium institution in India.
A question often asked, how does Vadhan manage between practice of a niche segment of law and writing books?

Well, He loves writing. He will write whenever and wherever it is possible.
When there is passion, anything is possible. Things will fall into place. Always.

Important: do it because you love it. Nothing else matters.

Warning: Golf is the exception to this rule!